Environmental Ethics Unit

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Studies of Religion Environmental Ethics Unit 2015

Environmental Ethics teaching resource:

Sustainable Schools NSW (SSNSW) and Catholic Sustainable Schools Network (CSSN) are working together with the support of the Association for Studies of Religion, to help Catholic schools on the sustainability journey, to seek information from Catholic schools in NSW who offer Studies of Religion and teach the Environmental Ethics option.

Project team:

  • CSSN – Sue Martin (Riverview) & Anne Lanyon
  • OEH – Mark Caddey
  • ASR –Louise Zavone
  • Catholic Mission – Beth Riolo
  • CEO Canberra Goulburn Kim-Maree Goodwin
  • Loreto Normanhurst Libby Parker
  • Marist Sisters Woolwich Andrew Dumas
  • OLMC Natalie White
  • St Patricks Campbelltown Maria Boulatsakos

This Unit has been developed to assist any classroom teacher thinking of undertaking Environmental Ethics.

The focus of this study is the contribution of significant people, ideas, practices and ethical teachings to an understanding of Christianity as a living religious tradition.

environmental ethics model of study

  • Ethical principles – (from Prelim year)
  • Values

including from the spectrum of various denominations

  • What is it about
    • Discipleship
    • Mission from Jesus
  1. Christian Teachings
  • Discipleship – Christian paradigm
  • Scripture
  • Traditional doctrine Current doctrine– Catholic – Catholic Social Teachings, Orthodox, Syndo,
  • Theologians




Co Creators


  1. Case Studies
    • People
    • Organisations – (see Catholic organisations page)
    • Issues

People – 

St Francis of Assisi

Tielhard de Chardin


Thomas Berry

Sean McDonagh

Issues could be:

Climate Change Refugees

Mining deforestation and loss of biodiversity and human identity


Climate Change

Unsustainable consumption of the world’s resources