How is your schools sustainability journey going? Do you have a tip?

I find it is lots of small steps, that need to be celebrated along the way.

2 thoughts on “How is your schools sustainability journey going? Do you have a tip?

  1. I teach at St Mary’s in Manly. We have established an effective recycling program and have reduced our waste significantly. We have gone from 8 large bins which had all contents put into general waste, compared to one bin of hard plastic, one bin of paper, one bin of grunchy plastic and one bin of general waste. We also have a container which is for food scraps for the worm farm. Our general waste is now less than one third of a bin full every day.
    One of our most successful intiaitves is our crunchy plastic bin which we introduced last year. At the end of each lunchtime, the bag is shown to the children, and one child offers to take it to Coles to be recycled as part of the Redcycle initiative. It encourages the children to take onboard the message of Pope Francis by taking on responsisbility for our common home ( as shared in Ladato Si).
    We have also created a Litterati club. Litterati is an app where litt3er is collected, photographed, identified and tagged. it means we can see which litter is being creted in certain areas. Our environment team are going to share this information with our parishioners at masses this year. Our Litterati club is called St Mary’s Laudato Si Litterati Crew, relecting our connection with Pope Francis’ encycltlical. We’re in a very exciting time at St Mary’s and would love to have oyu visit to share our successes.

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